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What is We CARE


Creating a volunteer’s force for Social action and development in Mumbai in particular and in India in general in a long run. This will lead to create awareness about various social issue the country is facing and creating committed groups (WE CARE) of people in different parts by training the local citizens force to work on the social issues also establishing a sustainable method of creating a pool of committed volunteer’s at local level.


The magnitude of socio-economic problem in our country is significantly high and the number of people working in the field of social development is not enough to help improving the prevailing situation. It needs a long term, professional and corroborated efforts with asustainable approach. Rational people seek the safety of silence or tie themselves up in the knots when they choose to take stand. Some show inability, some show apathy and others don’t really think it a priority of life. Concrete, committed and collaborative efforts are required to stimulate and strengthen the already existing feeling in minds of the citizens.

There is no dearth of committed persons in our country but in a country like India. The solution of the problem mentioned above lies in “Management by Appropriation”. Cooperative structure or creating social group culture or establishing nongovernmental(NGOs) or foundation working on different issues in the country is quite strong but what has not been adequately thought of and put to action is its appropriate use the common citizens force. He citizens through WE CARE group approach of development can make a big difference in community development, which would be sustainable too.


The proposed project envisages selecting one issue per month and providing necessary information and guidance to the people on how they could contribute to that without affecting their day to day business or activity. They would be provided necessary advisory on how to go about contributing in nation building and also impacting on social development. It has also an objective of empowering people and creating awareness about the society at large.

Each designated area a volunteers group is formed (WE CARE) who would support the fellow pool of volunteers to take necessary action in the selected issue. The forum will take up 12 priority development issues per year and start working to address the issues. CARE organisation will initially guide them in this connection but the decision making remains with the group. This group will also promote and organise training in volunteering and social work after it gains considerable amount of experience of working in the field. The core premiseremains creating a voluntary cadre of people who will work for the community at large.Simultaneously this group will identify and gather the like minded people (especially the youth) to join the group and expand the scope of its activity.


1. To empower and create awareness in the people regarding the various issues and problems.
2. To create a platform for citizens to take social action who otherwise not able to fine one
3. To provide guidance and support to the people on volunteerism
4. To train citizens the scientific way for community welfare and related work at the grassroots level
5. To create a trained a cadre of voluntary social workers for social development.
6. Develop the team of grassroots people and youths for training them to work on the local issues.




1.Initially expecting 200 people from CARE who are trained in social work through the CARE course to form a core group in at least 5 parts of the City of Mumbai and Thana
2.Create a mentor/ coach for each group who would play a catalyst role to keep the team of core committee together and in action
3.Expect initially 200 people joining each group as volunteers totalling to 1000 people who would be the front runner for each issue
4.A scientific material is produced on each issue and also the awareness about the same is created in the city through, schools, colleges and government and private offices and corporate companies
5.All the WE CARE groups start functioning and deliver services to the community


1.Conceptual understanding of the volunteers about social issues
2.Formation of volunteer action group (WE CARE); a platform for exploring plethora of ideas.
3.Committed platform for Volunteers to take social action
4.The participants able to work confidently and more skilfully in the area of their interesting social sector.
5.Long term action plan for each issue created