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Counselling Courses

Counselling is a process that focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, such that the client is then able to reach her/his full potential

Committed Action for Relief and Education (CARE) is an Indian NGO; registered under Societies Registration Act 1860Is an Indian NGO; registered under the Societies Registration Act and Public Trust Act, formed by a Group of committed people from the development field in the year 1998. The name Committed Action for Relief and Education, captures the ideology that provided the foundation for the establishment of the organization.

Why Counselling Course: In the present changing lifestyle people are becoming prey to stress, depression, anxiety etc that lead to behavioural problems. The number of people with this problem is increasing at a geometric progression rate. In view of this, the importance of Counselling course is underline.

The job of a counsellor is very satisfying. One gets to resolve people's problems, and gets paid for it. It does not mean, it is a simple task. In fact, it requires thorough training to learn special skills. Sometimes there are situations which are very complicated where counsellor gets involved in.


1) To train and prepare young Counsellors to solve the increasing psychosomatic problems of people

2) To provide opportunities for learning the principles, concept and facts related to Counselling

3) To inculcate and strengthen the required value orientation and approaches to work with people efficiently and effectively

4) To generate the trained cadre of human resources to work in the field of counselling and thereby filling the resource gap.