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Certificate Course In Social Work


Social Work puts people in a responsible position, which requires training and professionalism. Being interested in people is important, but it's not enough. Social Workers also have to be quick-thinking, thorough, persuasive above all, absolutely committed in seeing that what needs to be done gets done. As a Social Worker you never give up on people. And when the solutions fall into place, the results can be very rewarding.

This course intends to develop a core team of volunteers who believes in the field of social work. It has also an objective of empowering people and creating awareness about the society in large. Our emphasis will always remain on creating a voluntary Cadre of Social Works who will work for the community at large.


- To empower and create awareness in the people regarding the various issues and problems.

- To train the scientific way of working at community and at the grassroots level

- To create a trained a cadre of voluntary social workers for social development.


a) To understand the significance of the individual and his/ her social behavior

b) To understand the social institutions and the problems confronting the nation.

c) To develop an ability to mitigate the problems and to impart the knowledge of functioning with various systems of society.

To develop skills and Attitudes in:

a) Understanding the human being as a psychosocial cultural being.

b) Respect and accepting the human being.

c) Work with individuals, Groups and Communities

d) Formulate plans, project and organising and managing them.