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Research And Publication

Research Studies are a regular and integral part of the program, ensuring the evolution of program through constant monitoring and evaluation. Documenting the learning experience and publishing it through proper channels would be useful contribution to the development of social sector.

Strategic Objectives 3- Conduct research to find gaps between policy, reality and implementation and document the learning for future.

Research is all about finding information and creating knowledge around issues that are important to us. We use research to create evidence and bring about change in our approach and our practice. We incubate research ideas and seek funds to translate these into reality. We also assist others in conducting research- be it writing research proposals for funding organisations, or assisting in tool development, training of data collectors or analysis and report writing- our services cover the entire range of needs of the partner organisations. Mixed methods are our forte and we specialize in needs assessments, evaluations and action research.

We also assist organisations with their documentation. We write annual reports, project proposals and reports, best practices documents and success stories.

Project done so far

  • Evaluation of six-month training course on social work
  • Evaluation of field work in social work course
  • Developing a new perspective on child labour Exploring the aftermath of Mumbai raids conducted from 2008 onwards - CRY
  • Articles in various News Papers and Magazine on Child Rights Issue